What i want

I couldn't write a post in English for a long time. You know, easy to write in my mother-language of course, but i can not to improve my language skills if i don't write. This is an important thing to making progress in language learning.

I'm in a path nowadays. Am i need to stay in my country or am i need to move to another place.

I'm a kind of nationalist and in my heart, believe me, i want to stay in here. I do not want to left my whole life behind and start a completely new thing. I'm 30+. I feel my-self tired to start a new life. But in same time i am not sure about it.

Maybe it'll be better to future myself. I worry about my country and i have no chance to change something in here. I feel myself powerless. I feel myself useless. I cannot see any possibility about our country's future. I have no hope in a short period.

Of course, in a time, people my country and the country will rise, but i do not believe that i'll live enough to see that :)

Anyway, i have to make a decision for my future in a few years. I need to be quick.

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