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Keep well yourself!

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Hi, kats;

I want to talk about my morning routine. I try to keep this routine for 5 weeks and I want to stuck with this routine.

I wake up at approximately 06:00 am every morning. I try to be as consistent as possible with this because it helps I stay motivated.

Once I'm up, the first thing I do is wash my face and I feed my cats (Tedi and Turgut). I clean the cat litter if my partner hasn't.

Then I check my emails and take notes if any further subject for looking after.

Sometimes I do a quick breakfast, sometimes we do Turkish style breakfast with my partner if not exists an urgent problem in the office.

Then I'm going to the door out and go to the office. I filter a morning coffee when I arrive in the office.

And the new day, let's start to work out.


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