I couldn't write a post in English for a long time. You know, easy to write in my mother-language of course, but i can not to improve my language skills if i don't write. This is an important thing to making progress in language learning.

I'm in a path nowadays. Am i need to stay in my country or am i need to move to another place.

I'm a kind of nationalist and in my heart, believe me, i want to stay in here. I do not want to left my whole life behind and start a completely new thing. I'm 30+. I feel my-self tired to start a new life. But in same time i am not sure about it.

Maybe it'll be better to future myself. I worry about my country and i have no chance to change something in here. I feel myself powerless. I feel myself useless. I cannot see any possibility about our country's future. I have no hope in a short period.

Of course, in a time, people my country and the country will rise, but i do not believe that i'll live enough to see that :)

Anyway, i have to make a decision for my future in a few years. I need to be quick.

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I quit smoking 20~ days ago. It was the time for that. I was feel that. So I decide to not smoke anymore and i didn't, i will not. I don't want to smoke anymore, i did for 12 years and it is enough. I want to live healthy, i want to breath to fresh air.

These are my advises to who wants to quit;

Do not push yourself; at first, you have to accept the smoking is wrong, otherwise you can not leave it. You have to understand that with your whole consciousness, read about that, think about it, spend your time before quit smoking with trying to accept the “smoke is wrong”. You have to feel in your hearth “this is wrong, i do not want to that”

Then, everything will be great...

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Nix is a package management language that has a massive ecosystem about solving DevOps problems.

Nix, is a functional and domain-specific programming language. Nix also is a package manager for Linux and Unix based systems like aptitude and brew.


For instance, you need to write a search page for your last project, and it is not big enough to use an external search engine. Still, you want to use some powerful text searching features. You are brilliant if you preferred PostgreSQL as your database. Because PostgreSQL has very, very powerful search capabilities. I want to share some of them with you.


You might want to build your Haskell application with #Nix even if you did start with #Stack.

#Stack has support for building with #Nix. You need to add nix.enable: true to your stack.yaml file.


You need to use a Voter for workflow entity for managing access policies when you use the Workflow component. Workflow component supports access policies with guard option, but the documentation won't point out how to get the subject variable for a voter class.


Composer is an installer and a package management tool. So please stop writing build scripts for Composer, building anything inside your package folder.

Last few days, I try to deploy a Symfony project with Nixops to Google Cloud. I found the composer2nix package after some research.


Nixos is a Linux distro working in nix ecosystem.

NixOS is a GNU/Linux distribution that aims to improve the state of the art in system configuration management.


I didn't know it is possible to enable vim mode, in bash before. I learned today and this feature is awesome.

You can enable vim mode in the bash with only change a parameter in your .bashrc file, like that.

set -o vi

That's it. You can use bash with vim strokes.

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You can get file path in vim with % (percent) symbol. Sometimes you need to run a command with the current file path, for example git add filepath or sh filepath.

You can add the current file to git with this command in vim:

:!git add %

or you can run any file with this command:


For example, you write a bash script and saved it. But you don't want to close vim or you don't want to go to another terminal screen. Just you need to write :!%:p and vim run the file for you.

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