As a developer, I've often been asked about my development environment. I love using Linux and have found it to be a powerful tool for my work. In this article, I will share my setup in simple terms and provide links to the tools I use.


You may want to start using Environment variables to configure your WordPress application. I did because I needed to install a development environment to my local and did not want to keep separate wp-config.php files.

So, how did I that?


I have a MacBook as a backup computer. I love to use mac for non-development kinds of tasks, like surfing the internet, using ms office applications, writing blogs, etc.

Apple announces an application named Shortcuts. I am a person who has an obsession with automation. And I loved it. I tried to use it for several purposes.

I wanted to add a shortcut for translating selected text to Turkish. There is a built-in translate app in macOS but there is no Turkish support, unfortunately. So, I decided to create a new shortcut for that task.


There is a ton of legacy projects that exist in the universe written in PHP. Old codebases are hard to maintain, and it's not easy to set up a development environment for legacy applications. I had the same issue; I have a lot of solutions to build a stateless development environment for legacy projects. Today I will focus on database-related one.


I don't like to install servers on my local and run these as a systemd service. This is why i am a big fan of the Docker.

But sometimes i just want to use servers as a specific app. Without install system-wide.

You know that, as instance; when you install #postgresql, it is create a user, installs files to your root directories, changes the ownerships and creates service files bla bla bla.


tldr; NO!, of course not!

The first question is what is the problem which trying to be solved by IMs.

I believe that the problem is connectivity. So clear enough. All IM brands are tries to solve connection problem between people. People wants to reach each other whenever they want. This is all about “EVOLUTION”, ehe, ehe, ehe.


I couldn't write a post in English for a long time. You know, easy to write in my mother-language of course, but i can not to improve my language skills if i don't write. This is an important thing to making progress in language learning.

I'm in a path nowadays. Am i need to stay in my country or am i need to move to another place.

I'm a kind of nationalist and in my heart, believe me, i want to stay in here. I do not want to left my whole life behind and start a completely new thing. I'm 30+. I feel my-self tired to start a new life. But in same time i am not sure about it.

Maybe it'll be better to future myself. I worry about my country and i have no chance to change something in here. I feel myself powerless. I feel myself useless. I cannot see any possibility about our country's future. I have no hope in a short period.

Of course, in a time, people my country and the country will rise, but i do not believe that i'll live enough to see that :)

Anyway, i have to make a decision for my future in a few years. I need to be quick.

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I quit smoking 20~ days ago. It was the time for that. I was feel that. So I decide to not smoke anymore and i didn't, i will not. I don't want to smoke anymore, i did for 12 years and it is enough. I want to live healthy, i want to breath to fresh air.

These are my advises to who wants to quit;

Do not push yourself; at first, you have to accept the smoking is wrong, otherwise you can not leave it. You have to understand that with your whole consciousness, read about that, think about it, spend your time before quit smoking with trying to accept the “smoke is wrong”. You have to feel in your hearth “this is wrong, i do not want to that”

Then, everything will be great...

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Nix is a package management language that has a massive ecosystem about solving DevOps problems.

Nix, is a functional and domain-specific programming language. Nix also is a package manager for Linux and Unix based systems like aptitude and brew.


For instance, you need to write a search page for your last project, and it is not big enough to use an external search engine. Still, you want to use some powerful text searching features. You are brilliant if you preferred PostgreSQL as your database. Because PostgreSQL has very, very powerful search capabilities. I want to share some of them with you.