Do everyone needs Slack (or other ims)

tldr; NO!, of course not!

The first question is what is the problem which trying to be solved by IMs.

I believe that the problem is connectivity. So clear enough. All IM brand is trying to solve connection problem between people. Mankind wants to reach each other whenever they want. This is all about “EVOLUTION”, ehe, ehe, ehe.

Funny, I have not a prove about the relation between “evolution” and “wants to connect”. Maybe exists one, maybe not. Don't care about that for now.

Anyway, we know that people want a reaction, and want that immediately. When I write to you, you have to stop whatever you do and respond to me! NOW!

Isn't it annoying?

The new era is the time is flying era. I believe you heard this a lot. Everyone talks about how time is gone so fast. And they cannot see any product which produces in that time by themselves. Humans are calculating the time with things. Things must happen and must be memorable to understand the time. You want to remember what you did at that time. But not all talks are worth remembering and our brains don't store those memories well enough.

You got the point, right? Every unnecessary or goygoy talk cuts your time. IM's serves that. Connectivity is not good for all time.

So, do you think you really need an IM?

I DON'T. Please write me an email when you want to reach me. I'm sharing my IM accounts just for urgent situations.

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