Hi kats,

I am Emre. Software developer, carpenter, amateur scientist...

I develop web applications with PHP for 15 years. I worked for various scaled projects. Sometimes I developed web projects with NodeJS, GoLang, Ruby, and Python, but I like to work with Php and of course Symfony framework. Nowadays I try to learn Haskell.

I have a company works for scientific research projects like developing DNA sequencing tools, insecticide resistance in mosquitos for the last 3 years.

Same time we as Eres, build some educational projects like Bilim Kutusu and some science media platforms like Bilimma for Turkish readers.

I married to El├žin on April 13th, and we have two cats at home and one cat at the office.

And last I am living in Ankara for 5 years.

My social profiles:

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